I’ve always loved writing. From the moment my fingers tenderly touch my laptop keyboard or when my index finger and thumb gingerly grasp my pen, I am consciously aware that I am a creator, a crafter of sorts. I have the power to tell the story of my choosing, one that is purposeful and fitting for the audience and cause.

I am a recent graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Classics. I’m hoping to pursue a career that combines my passions of health care and writing/editing, most likely in the field health care communications.

This website is an assortment of clips from my academic, extracurricular and internship experiences. I am constantly updating this site with relevant clips.

My writing has been featured in the Association of Jesuit College and Universities weekly newsletter on Higher Ed News, in the online-only publication Clinical & Research News, BWH Bulletin, the newsroom on the Holy Cross website, and The Crusader–the official student newspaper of the College of the Holy Cross.